Buffalo Soldiers:  George Jordan and the Indian Wars

Buffalo Soldiers: George Jordan and the Indian Wars

A compelling exploration of the overlooked contributions of African American soldiers during America's Westward expansion, centering on the under-recognized efforts of George Jordan, who tenaciously fought against Apache resistances .
2023 0h 8min Documentary Movies

Buffalo Soldiers: George Jordan and the Indian Wars is a poignant examination of the marginalized history of the Buffalo Soldiers - African American servicemen who bravely served in numerous conflicts, only to face scorn, ridicule, and suppression of their stories back home. The film's epicenter is George Jordan, a formerly enslaved man turned soldier, whose exemplary courage in battles etches a stark contrast against his forgotten legacy. Juxtaposing the resistance of Apache Chiefs and braves with Jordan's unwavering will to protect his comrades and white settlers, the narrative challenges us to reconcile with the oft-overlooked aspects of the formation of the West. With a stark reminder of Jordan's decline due to his heroic yet under-acknowledged efforts, the refusal of the Army to provide him with care, the film crescendos into a plea for recognition of the Buffalo Soldiers, ultimately asking us what we can give to make our country better, inspired by these unsung heroes.

Writer Jesse Collier Sutterley
Director Joshua Cardenas
Country United States of America
Production El Dorado Films